Hooked on sustainable seafood

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This week began with some fantastic news as we read in the Guardian about the sharp rise in the sale of sustainable seafood products in the UK throughout 2011. This shows that people really do care about where their food is coming from and what effect that has.

Consumers have the power to help avoid an ecological disaster by choosing to buy sustainably caught or sustainably farmed fish. This seems relatively simple, but it’s not always clear which fish really have been sustainably caught, or responsibly farmed, or otherwise. Harmonised labelling for these kinds of terms, which are often used but are not regulated, is crucial to help consumers take action.

ClientEarth created the Sustainable Seafood Coalition to draw up voluntary codes on sustainable seafood sourcing and self declared sustainability claims, to give shoppers straightforward information on fish products.

As the Coalition is made up of 16 of the biggest seafood suppliers and retailers in the UK (including most of the big supermarkets) we hope that choosing sustainable seafood will soon become an even quicker and easier choice.

We expect the Coalition’s fish and seafood labelling code to be in use with our members later this year.

To find out more about the Sustainable Seafood Coalition click here

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